07-2 Hololens (Fresnel lens) UV coating FilmGo Back

Purpose: Hololens’s multi Lens is supported on treated polyester film or ink adhesion in most types of printing applications.
Description: Multi-lens (Fresnel Lens) can only be embossed by special UV coating embossing machines because of its deep groove. Ordinary hologram embossing machines can only emboss shallow-groove hologram.
Thickness: about 25 micron or any customized. Width: 640mm or any customized.
Width: 170mm-800mm
Thickness 250 angstrom
Remarks: 3 inch paper core
MOQ: 1 roll.

Demo Images

Hologram Lens -1

Hologram Lens -2

Hologram Lens -3

Holographic Lens -4

Holographic Lens -5

Holographic Lens -6