05-1 Dot-matrix Hologram Master (170mm*170mm)Go Back

Purpose: The 6 inch * 6 inch hologram master is used by narrow-web embossing
Description: Usually there is one piece of white eye mark on one side, we can also arrange one eye mark for each hologram or each line, convenient for automatic die cutting machines and hot stamping machines.
The area of hologram is about 160mm*160mm, the whole size of the master is about 290mm*240mm.
We can also supply hologram PC plates without silver and nickel.
Material: Pure nickel
Thickness: about 50 micron.
Resolution: Usually 837 dpi ( 0.03 mm per dot ), the highest is 2540 dpi.
Remarks: Artwork files (made by CorelDraw or Illustrators ) or sample for reference are necessary.
MOQ: 1 piece.

Demo Images

Transparent Foil Tamper Evident with Honeycomb
Transparent Hexagon Hologram Stickers

Hologram Master one page -1

Hologram Master one page -2

Transparent Material Tamper Evident with VOID
Brown Stickers Tamper Evident with VOID

Hologram Master One Page -3

Hologram Master Shim -4

Brown Foil Tamper Evident with VOID
Transparent Foil Tamper Evident with Beehive

Hologram Master Shim -5

Hologram Master Shim -6