06-4 Embossing Foils Tamper Evident with Customized LOGO and PatternsGo Back

Purpose: Embossing hologram and be used to produce special hologram stickers tamper evident with customized LOGO and patterns.
Description: We print many small customized LOGO and patterns with transparent release ink first, then print the recording coating, so you will find customized LOGO and patterns left on the surface of products after peeled off .
But you can not find any hidden LOGO and patterns by naked eyes before uncovered. We can also make almost any colors.
Thickness: 25 micron / 30 micron / 36 micron / 50 micron
Width: 170mm or any customized width.
Length: The length of one roll is about 1500 m if 25 micron.
Temperature: Embossing about 105 degrees.
MOQ: 25 KG.

Demo Images

Brown Foil - Tamper Evident with YURI

Cyan Foil - Tamper Proved with Broken Stones

Demo Image - Tamper Evident with SONIYA

Green Stickers - Tamper Proved with TK

Red Foils - Tamper Proved with TK

White Stickers - Tamper Evident with OPENED