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Embossing hologram and producing tamper-proof hologram stickers and labels.

There is a release coating between PET and

aluminum foil,so the final stickers will be damaged

when it is removed (peeled off ) and can not be

reused anymore.

25 micron / 30 micron / 36 micron / 50 micron / 75 micron
170 mm or any customized width.
Length: The length of one roll is about 1500 m if 25 micron, its weight is about 9KG.
Temperature: Embossing about 105 degrees.
MOQ: Unlimited.

Demo Images

Blue Tamper Evident Foil

Golden Tamper Evident Foil

Green Tamper Evident Foil

Red Tamper Evident Foil

Transparent Tamper Evident Foil

Two Colours Tamper Proved Foil